Our Story

Improve Your Performance Real-Time

It’s a primary focus behind everything we do at ServiceTrac LIVE. Providing comprehensive real-time performance improvement services and offerings that help companies build a culture of sales success, offer service excellence and guarantee customer retention.

ServiceTrac’s Mission:

In business it’s all about the relationship or what we at ServiceTrac like to call “Making the value connection.” In partnering with organizations across the Senior Living Industry it’s our commitment to help companies and the individuals within those companies create and maintain intimacy with those whom they serve and work with everyday.

ServiceTrac’s Vision Statement:

At ServiceTrac we have a three-pronged vision guiding the way we carry out our

It Starts With Purpose: Help companies and individuals develop a service culture.
Identify core values and emotions that may hinder progress and use these values
to motivate, accelerate and create success.
There’s Always a Plan: Help companies establish goals, standards and processes
that create an intimate connection between the company and the stakeholders.
Metrics based management and reporting, facilitates accountability, action and
appropriate support for performance and progress while incorporating well
defined goals, standards and processes.
Perfection Requires Practice: Help individuals in the company develop and
maintain the skills to implement their plans even in the face of adverse conditions
by providing awareness, instruction and support.
ServiceTrac LIVE carries out its mission and vision through three key value brands;

  • ValueSat™ Satisfaction Research
  • VaueMax™ Performance Management