Create Your “30 Second Commercial”

February 11, 2015 | marketing

When it comes to keeping it real, keeping it simple and making it successful in Senior Housing Sales I like to fall back on the basics that I learned and implemented as a Director of Sales and Marketing for a large CCRC. One of the truths that made our communities sales efforts so successful was recognizing that when it all comes down to it – “People Buy People”.

Why “People Buy People”?

By nature of the fact that we are in the business of caring for others we tend to attract a special kind of committed warm and substantial employee. Lucky for us -our people are the single most important to a customer. In a landmark study performed a few years ago it was clearly documented that the people prospects meet during a community visit have a direct impact on the perception of quality of care and ability to deliver on promises made during the sales process. The study went one step further to conclude that the key to giving the right perception was projecting a confident, positive and caring attitude delivering only information that specifically related to the benefits you as a person would bring to the potential prospect. That makes sense right?
As a Director of Sales and Marketing I discovered how to leverage this truth early on and in a big way. I invited each of our department directors to create a short script and memorize it for when the administrator or sales counselors offered visits to prospects. The script covered their name; role in the community and why they loved their job. Upon being meeting a prospect they deliver this short script demonstrating to each and every prospect we had the most friendly, experienced and knowledgeable people around. I called it the “30-Second Commercial™“.

The 4 Hot Spots

  1. Exchange Names
  2. Explain Your Role In The Community
  3. Share Your Positive Experiences in Your Role
  4. Thank The Prospect for Visiting and Re-Invite to See Them Again

30-Second Commercial in Action

  • Food Coordinator: Hi I’m John what’s your name?
  • Prospect: Sally and this is my mom Jenny
  • Food Coordinator: Nice to meet you sally. I am the Food coordinator here at Happy Acres Senior Living. I have been delivering meals to our residents for over 15 years. I love my job because I get to interact with so many wonderful friends and personalities each day. I truly do hope you’ll join us soon so I can get to know you.

Start to turn every interaction your co directions, counselors and staff have a prospective resident into a valuable opportunity to share your most valuable attribute – people – and drastically improve the visit to move-in closing ratios in your community.