Flexible Deployment for Your Needs

Accurate and Timely Survey Collection

The ValueSAT™ Suite of Survey questionnaires can be deployed in any method that provides your organization with accurate and timely results and your stakeholders with the ability to respond in a simple, honest and timely manner.

  • Direct Mail: Offers classic stamped mail delivery and return for family members, past residents and customers or employees.
  • LIVE Experience iPad/ Netbook Survey™: Deliver Surveys On-Site, real-time with flexibility to customize the experience. The LIVE Experience Surveys™ technology is the most powerful, simple, and intuitive way to understand the experiences your stakeholders are having and measure what matters most, when it matters most. LIVE Access’™, Real-Time focus enables companies to more accurately and completely understand the experiences their stakeholders are having and immediately engage to make those experiences more positive.
  • On-Site Computer Kiosk: Send a message that feedback is central to your goals and operations. Offer the ability for residents or family members to give feedback whenever they feel a need.
  • Email & Mobile Devices: Increase response rates and survey accuracy. Send surveys instantly to be viewed on any device, anywhere. In a digital age, marked with the advent of Smartphone’s and connectivity, the ability to collect information at the respondent’s convenience has never been easier or more pertinent to improving care.
  • Website | Link: Create a location on your website for surveys feedback or distribute links to take a survey on social networks, in monthly newsletters to family members or after every family member interaction.