Unified QIS & QAPI Surveys & Reporting

The All-New LIVE™ P.O.S. Data Collection System allows surveyors to collect audio, notes, and real-time surveys. LIVE™ Surveys help you achieve 24/7 survey readiness by creating higher levels of transparency, greater levels of quality assurance and real customer satisfaction.

24/7 Quality Assurance & Survey Readiness

Benefits of LIVE P.O.S.™ Surveys:

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  • Flexible Survey Creation & Reporting – Customized Questionnaires & Automatic Reporting by Care Level or Stakeholder Type
  • Real-Time Data Collection & Reporting – “LIVE” Data Collection. Results for Admissions & Discharge Surveys While Customers Are Still In Your Care. (No Wi-Fi required)
  • Low-Cost Bundle - Unlimited Resident, Family, Employee, Admissions, Discharge, & QIS Surveys & Reporting


Flexible Reports  | 100% Response Rate  |  Instant Alerts

If you would like to find out how you can capture 100% response rate on surveys, receive flexible accurate reports and improve customer satisfaction real-time call us now to start using our All-New LIVE P.O.S. Satisfaction Surveys.

  • Survey Search View
  • At-A-Glance View
  • Industry Bench-Marked Reports
  • Distribution Report
  • Slice & Dice Reports