LIVE™ QIS Preparation Program

The All-New LIVE™ QIS Data Collection System allows organizations to prepare for the Quality Indicator Survey and achieve 24/7 survey readiness by offering state-of-the-art QIS reportingimmediate threshold alerts and full service deployment & follow-up training programs.

Revolutionizing the QIS Preparation Process

Benefits of using the LIVE™ QIS Preparation Program:

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  • LIVE™ Audio and Note Collection for More Effective Training
  • Instant QIS Threshold Alerts
  • Full Integration with Satisfaction Data & Benchmarking
  • Full Follow-Up & Follow Through QIS Training & Deployment
  • Data Collection via Net Book, and our LIVE iPad Application
  • Instant Data Upload, Reporting & Feedback with Data Collected via our LIVE iPad application & Technology


Our LIVE™ QIS Preparation Program is the the leading assessment and reporting system for providers that replicates the entire Quality Indicator Survey (QIS) methodology.

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