Accurate and Reliable Questionnaires

Customized to Your Needs

The ValueSAT™ Suite of Survey questionnaires have National Benchmarks in all areas of the Senior Housing and Long Term Care industries, thus offering our clients the most accurate way to genuinely compare their results against national benchmarks. All ValueSAT™ surveys have been created to ensure a .95 internal reliability. In other words you can rest assured that our survey accurately and reliable represent your stakeholders values, feelings, and needs.

View Descriptions of Our Survey Questionnaires Below:

  • Resident & Family Member: The survey extracts information in the following service areas: Interaction with Staff, Activities and Recreation, Food and Dining Service, Safety and Security, Community Environment, Community Management, Community Amenities/Convenience Services, Overall Feelings about the Community, and Demographic Information.
  • Employee: The survey extracts information in the following service areas: Training, Teamwork, Communication and Planning, Employee Role Expectations, Supervisor, Pay and Benefits, Work Environment, General Information (e.g.: “Would you refer a friend to work at facility?”), and Demographic Information.
  • Referral Source: Sent to referral network partners to gather valuable market research as to the relationship of the referral source with your company. Prospect: Gathers information pertinent to improving first impressions and recapturing lost leads.
  • Short Stay: Similar to resident surveys and specially adapted to the post acute care experience.