What Makes Us Different


All ValueSAT™ Survey are designed with our powerful Expectation Focus. The use of an expectation scale rather than the standard satisfaction scale provides responses that are not only more accurate and honest but also naturally tend to fall towards the middle of the scale. This creates a bell shaped curve in your responses which provides a higher standard, giving you ample room to measure improvements, and makes it possible to pick out true satisfaction drivers which is reflected in our “Importance Index

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    As Part of our initiative to encourage stakeholders to respond ServiceTRAC has created a fully integrated and customizable rewards program for its customers to offer rewards to their stakeholders for taking the survey. We call it Your Opinion Counts™.

    The heart of the Your Opinion Counts rewards program is letting customers and stakeholders know you care about their opinion and their feedback is part of your organizations operations and daily process in serving them hence the slogan “Your Opinion Counts”. While carrying out survey collection in your company the “Your Opinion Counts” brand can be translated in multiple mediums and collateral alerting customers and stakeholders that surveys are being collected and reminding them of why you hope they will take the time to respond accurately and completely.

    • Prize Incentives and On-Site Collateral: As part of the Your Opinion Counts™ program ServiceTRAC works with your organization to coordinate prize incentives for responding to a survey. Survey rewards are posted throughout the building to encourage participation and survey awareness. Additionally, ServiceTRAC works with your company to create a personalized website to allow offsite respondents to view rewards offered by your organization.
    • Active Vs. Passive Survey Response: As part of encouraging immediate survey response, ServiceTRAC offers the ability to build into our system increased chances for respondents to win prizes for taking a survey earlier rather than later. The chances of winning can be adjusted on a per company bases based on prizes offered and advertised in the companies Your Opinion Counts™ Rewards site and on on-site collateral.



    ServiceTrac LIVE has partnered with Industry Associations and key leaders nationwide to build the industries most consistent and reliable database. We increase the value of your results by placing them into context and indexing your company’s score averages to the industry database averages. The reliability and accuracy of our database is unrivaled in the industry due to a number of factors, one of the most important being that we’ve made very few changes to our questionnaires since creation providing valuable benchmarking ability. All of this while still providing the flexibility to customize the questionnaires to meet your individual needs. Comparison to our data base is accurate and reliable, providing a margin of error of less than +/- 3 % at a confidence level of 95%.



    We will handle the entire program from beginning to end. This means no management, data processing, report formulation or complicated data analysis by you. This leaves you time to do what you do best – take great care of your residents. The entire process from the time we send the surveys to the time you have reports in your hands is approximately 4-6 weeks. This is better than half the time of our competitors giving you fresh, accurate and relevant data when you need it.