Enterprise-ready Solutions

Multi-site long-term care providers are challenged to deliver consistent care and create efficiencies across multiple facilities. Even the most well-constructed sales processes & policies, and Satisfaction Research programs can be difficult to implement  and benefit from without shared information, centralized control and consolidated analysis.

Harnessing these elements transforms multiple facilities into a single cohesive organization and makes ROI that much easier to measure.

Guaranteed ROI | Ensured compliance & turn-key deployment

ServiceTrac LIVE offers mid-size and large providers guaranteed ROI when implementing our Sales and Satisfaction Research solutions. We have created the industries most intuitive and flexible reporting and analysis tools yet to help you manage multiple facilities as a single business. Key processes and compliance mandates can be managed centrally, while intelligence and analysis is amalgamated across all facilities.

ServiceTrac LIVE enables multi-site providers to:

  • Maintain a single, consistent repository of information accessible to all stakeholders
  • Maintain and enforce policies and procedures
  • Easily monitor and manage compliance
  • Create transparency through consolidation, analysis and reporting at facilities/corporate levels