Our Values-Based Approach

ServiceTrac LIVE provides comprehensive performance enhancement services and offerings that help companies build a culture of sales success, service excellence and retention. With over 18 years of experience in the Senior Services, Health Care and Housing industries, ServiceTrac LIVE leads with our three “Values-Based brands:

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Listening for and choosing success oriented values and establishing a system that helps build a value focused culture using positive values to make the right decisions and leverage plans to create action and accelerate success.
Provide state of the art systems to encourage individual team members to develop and maintain the skills necessary to implement plans by providing continued value added support, resources coaching.
Establish “Hard” goals, standards and processes that create an intimate connection between the company and it’s clients. Metrics based management and reporting that encourages performance and progress while incorporating well defined goals, standards and processes.


Specialized Solution

ServiceTrac LIVE is uniquely equipped to work with organizations to assess needs, identify strengths, and design a curriculum that serves each client’s unique circumstance. Our approach works in tandem to maintain brand equity and uphold the ideals and vision each company embraces. With many available program designs, ServiceTrac LIVE has a performance enhancement solution for virtually every need.