ServiceTrac has created additional value for our customers by making our services available through a highly integrated, state-of-the-art approach we call LIVE™. The Live technology is a game changer for creating real changes in performance and results by linking LIVE Experience Capture, Customer Service Coaching & Powerful Reporting – Real Time.

How does LIVE Improve ServiceTrac LIVE’s Value Offerings?

  • Allows Sales Managers to Collect Notes & Audio of Sales Interactions LIVE and Real-Time
  • Allows Senior Housing and LTC Communities to Collect 100% Response Rate on Satisfaction Surveys
  • Collects and Uploads Sales Demographics, Survey Data, Notes & Audio Immediately Online for Coaching, Review & True Real-Time Performance Improvement

 LIVE™ Point of Service Surveys

The  All-New LIVE™ P.O.S. Data Collection System allows surveyors to collect audio, notes, and real-time surveys. LIVE™ Surveys help you achieve 24/7 survey readiness by creating higher levels of transparency, greater levels of quality assurance and real customer satisfaction.

Benefits of LIVE P.O.S.™ Surveys:

  • LIVE™ Audio and Note Collection
  • Instant Sensitivity Alerts
  • Insta-Flex Reporting = Ad-Hoc Slice and Dice Reports
  • Complete Survey Creation Flexibility

Learn More about LIVE P.O.S. Surveys: Click Here

LIVE Sales Capture™ Performance & Coaching

Benefit from instantly available feedback and a simple system that creates, change, and encourages positive cultural momentum – We call it LIVE Experience™ Sales Capture. Introducing the most reliable, accurate, and timely approach to evaluate your employees’ ability to listen, take effective notes, and be present in every customer interaction.

Benefits of LIVE Sales Capture™:

  • LIVE™ Audio and Note Collection
  • One-Touch Demographic Collection & Sync with CRM
  • Real-Time Sales Feedback for Sales Managers
  • One-of-A-Kind Follow-Up & Follow-Through Tool for Sales Counselors, Outreach Personel & Cust. Service Reps.

Learn More about LIVE Sales Capture Performance & Coaching: Click Here