Our Values Research Approach

Measuring What Matters Most

Only when you understand your stakeholder’s values and expectations do you truly understand what’s important to them. ServiceTrac’s ValueSAT™Expectation research does exactly that. After 17 years of operational experience and working hand in hand with some of the most renowned researchers in the nation, we recognized it was not enough to know if your residents, family members and employees are satisfied.  It is pertinent to delve deeper into stakeholders needs, desires, values, and ultimately expectations to truly identify the drivers that can and will determine success in an organization. ValueSAT™ is the first comprehensive Expectation-Based Survey Tool in the industry and is designed specifically to determine key drivers to ensure not only your organizations success but continued commitment to meeting and exceeding your stakeholders expectations.

Why Measure Expectations ?

Measuring expectations instead of customer satisfaction is a critical distinction. When we measure how something met someone’s expectations we get a truer measure of how our products match up to what the customers wanted in the beginning. Measuring satisfaction is much more arbitrary and can lead to misleading and inaccurate data.

The ValueSAT™ Suite of Research Services Offers:

• Industry High Response Rates
• Most Consistent and Reliable Benchmarking Database
• Most Flexible and Intuitive Online Access System
• Most Accurate and Reliable Responses
• Actionable Reports
• Effective Follow Up & Follow Through

“We are becoming your partner in measuring and improving the customer experience.”