Preparing for change

Assisted Living (AL) is the single largest growth segment of senior care. As providers prepare for growing rates of occupancy and greater regulation, gaining access to “LIVE” real-time information in regards to sales and satisfaction research programs will have an increasingly important role in their success. ALFs will use thsi “LIVE” information to effectively market themselves, track resident information and support key processes to maintain compliance.

Flexibility for your Assisted Living organization

The ServiceTrac LIVE  suite of Sales Training and Satisfaction Research offerings gives Assisted Living providers the most effective, intuitive and powerful solutions for increasing occupancy, tracking referrals and intake, deploying full satisfaction research programs and managing resident information. Assisted Living organizations can choose from a number of solutions dependent on their size and specific needs.

ServiceTrac Live enables Assisted Living facilities to:

  • Conduct effective marketing in an increasingly competitive landscape
  • Track referral and intake information
  • Consolidate resident information among single/multiple facilities
  • Maintain and enforce policies and procedures
  • Easily monitor and manage compliance
  • Create transparency through consolidation, analysis and reporting at facilities/corporate levels
  • Avoid significant costs for software licenses, hardware, and system maintenance